• The Federation provides a rich curriculum that aims to meet the needs of each pupil, ranging from Numeracy and English to creative arts and knowledge of the world. We encourage children to be independent and collaborative learners by developing their skills as well as their knowledge and understanding so that they can apply their learning with confidence.


  • The staff, with the support of the governors, are always striving for a curriculum which is broad and balanced, which is relevant to children's needs and which motivates them to learn. We want children to have a joy of learning. Likewise, we want children to establish good basic skills and knowledge on which to build future learning, and to develop positive attitudes.


  • The school has developed a 'long term curriculum plan' in which our approach to the curriculum is fully outlined. This plan ensures that children cover what it is required for them in the National Curriculum and R.E. This document is available in school for parents to see if they so wish. The class teachers are always willing to discuss any aspect of the curriculum with parents. Please just get in touch.

    The core subjects of numeracy and literacy are taught on a daily basis throughout the school year, while Science, Religious Education, ICT, PE, and Music are taught weekly. Some foundation subjects, such as Geography, History, Art, Design and Technology may be blocked into half term units. 


    In EYFS and KS1 children follow the Read Write Inc Phonics programme which helps them to develop reading and writing skills.



  • Assessment

  • According to statutory requirements, children are formally tested (SATs) towards the end of Year 6 in English and Mathematics. They are also teacher assessed towards the end of Year 2 for English, Mathematics and Science.

  • Children are also given a statutory Phonics test at the end of year 1.

  • Although it is not a legal requirement, we are assessing all of our pupils throughout the year, in order to ensure excellent progress across all areas of the curriculum. 

  • If you wish to know more about the detail of the curriculum content please talk to the class teacher.


Norton and West Chinnock Curriculum Plans 2018-2019

Norton and West Chinnock Maths Calculation Policy